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Abbotts Park  
Ainslie Wood  
All Saints Churchyard, Chingford  
Bakers Almshouses  
Chase Lane Park  
Chingford Green  
Chingford Mount Cemetery  
Church of Our Lady of Grace and St Teresa of Avila  
Coronation Gardens  
Coronation Gardens Extension  
Epping Forest  
Friday Hill House  
Harrow Green  
Haven House Children's Hospice and White House Arboretum  
Henry Reynolds Park  
Higham Hill Recreation Ground  
Highams Park Epping Forest  
The Highams Park  
Jubilee Gardens  
Knotts Green  
Langthorne Park  
Larkswood Park and Larkswood Playing Fields  
Leyton Green  
Leyton Youth Centre  
Lloyd Park, including Aveling Fields  
Mallinson Park Woods  
Mansfield Park  
Memorial Park  
Monoux Almshouses  
Pimp Hall Nature Reserve  
Pimp Hall Park  
Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge and Fairmead Park, including Chingford Golf Course  
Queen's Road Cemetery  
Ridgeway Park  
St James Park  
St John the Baptist Churchyard  
St Mary Walthamstow Churchyard  
St Mary with St Edward Churchyard, Leyton  
St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery  
St Peter and St Paul's Churchyard  
St Peter's-in-the-Forest Churchyard  
Sidmouth Park  
Squires Almshouses  
Stoneydown Park and Gardens  
Thomas Gamuel Park  
Vestry House Museum and Gardens, and Walthamstow Village Green  
Walthamstow Marsh  
Walthamstow Town Hall Complex and Chestnuts Sports Ground  
Woodford County High School for Girls  
No. 39, Woodside Park Avenue  
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