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About Us

Our Story

We are group of enthusiasts about gardens in London , especially public gardens. We also have a great interest in many local and national events and do follow gardening columns in various newspapers.

Unlock the amazing power of gardens in London. Visit world-leading gardens in London and discover our science and conservation work. See the opportunity for keeping your gardens more horticultural (grows more food per plot) and sustainable (does not put more pressure on the environment). There will be plants, food and many hands-on activities.

Why choose us?

Discover the power of London gardens and the stories behind them with our blogs and videos. Read our blogs about some of the important people involved in the gardens and conservation.

To explore the gardens, the website has a search feature for the various gardens in London and is free to enter gardens. Enter the first letter of the word for example ‘L’ for Leashless Garden which is a plant conservation project.

Also join our garden Facebook page

Garden Care

We have created an avenue for local gardeners who care for their gardens to get involved and get support.

Garden Blog

As passionate gardeners, we have created a ‘city gardening’ blog which takes you into the various London gardens.


We have horticultural conservation and restoration workshops, gardening clubs and a garden club so that you can gain a better understanding of horticulture and the plants that live in the gardens. There are also lots of public events held in the gardens.


Do you have any questions about gardening or general gardening in London? Do you have a problem with pests or diseases in your garden?

Our Team

We are a mix of passionate gardeners based in NW3 London. This is our ‘Family of Gardens’ so visit often and enjoy our displays. We have approximately 60 different gardens on this website but there are many more on our website. If you have more information on any garden you can contact us through the email address.

BSc Botany

Amit is BSc in botany and extensive experience of horticulture and a passion for gardening.

Horticultural writer

Alison is a qualified instructor and horticultural writer. She is passionate about gardens and conservation.

Services Manager

Bevan is a retired woodworking & cabinet maker and loves gardening and wildlife and photography.