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How to Invite Birds to Your Garden?

Birds are a wonderful addition to your garden. They bring colour, variety and birdsong to your patch. They also offer a free pest control service, eating many different insects that damage young plants.

How Do You Stop Insects from Eating Your Fruit and Vegetables?

Seeing plants get eaten by creepy crawlies can be frustrating. It’s tempting to reach for whatever will stamp them out. The problem is that many insecticides can kill off useful wildlife too – creatures that could help you to keep insect pests under control.

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Starting a Vegetable Garden

Gardening doesn’t just make your house look good; it is scientifically proven that taking care of plants can also do wonders for your wellbeing. Physical exercise can contribute to weight management and control of blood pressure, but interaction with greenery can improve your mood and mental health as well. This whole act of nurturing plants with your own hands and watching them grow is rather calming.

Playing with soil and plants is a great stress reliever. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your concentration, and working with nature is almost like an antidote to anxiety and worry.

The whole family working together in the garden provides bonding time and helps kids to know more about the natural growth cycle, which provides a lasting lesson.

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