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What Do Garden Snails Eat?

Snails are some of the most familiar garden visitors. You are most likely to see them out and about in your garden after it rains, or at night. You’ll know they’ve been around when you see their silvery trails on patios and pots.

Snails don’t just stay on the ground though – they can climb too. You may often see them clinging to branches in trees.

In this article, we’ll look at what garden snails eat, and how this can cause problems. I want to show you that you don’t need to reach for the chemicals to solve your snail problem though – there are other things you can do.

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How to Fix a Lawn Full of Weeds?

A beautiful lawn is truly a piece of art that takes a lot of effort to achieve. After all the time you spent spreading seeds, watering, and mowing the grass in the heat of summer, you deserve a perfectly lush lawn without any problems. Weeds have other plans for your yard, unfortunately.

Even well-cared lawns get affected by common weeds. Seeds of many weeds are lighter, so they float in the wind, creeping weeds affect more area, and weeds you remove by pulling, quietly continue to grow sometimes. How well the lawn will handle the attack depends on the weeds involved, your response, and the overall health of your grass.

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How to Control Mushrooms in Your Lawn?

Lawn mushrooms are a common problem in the landscape. They will rarely damage your grass, but it is frustrating to see them growing in your lawn because certain mushrooms are often considered unsightly, especially for those people who love a well-managed lawn. Even if you do not hold this opinion, you should keep in mind that an unmanaged lawn can decrease the real estate market value of your property.

Some types of mushrooms are edible, but others are poisonous. Poisonous mushrooms are a real problem in houses with kids and pets. Some mushrooms even stink badly; the most notorious example of these types are “stinkhorns.” But the problem of mushrooms growing in the lawn can be easily fixed if you know how to do it.

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Over-seeding of Your Lawn

The secret to achieving a beautiful lawn is over-seeding. Over-seeding, as part of a comprehensive, proactive plan, makes a lawn look great. Whether you’re growing your first lawn or have years of experience, learning about overseeding can improve your results.

Homeowners often think about overseeding to help out a lawn that has thinned, but professionals think about over-seeding as a preventative measure.

However, it is best to do over-seeding as a preventive measure because then it can help prevent weeds from growing in your lawn.

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How to Grow Onions in the Garden?

Onions must be one of the most useful vegetables in the kitchen, so it’s definitely worth growing some in your garden if you have space. I know I use them practically every day in one way or another, and homegrown onions are the best.

You can grow onions from seeds or from sets (sets are baby onions), in the spring and in the autumn. Growing from sets is usually easier and quicker.

My straightforward guide below will help you to get started growing onions. And if you want some help with choosing the best onion varieties, have a look at my top picks at the end of this article.

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