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How to Start a Community Garden?

If you want to start a community garden I’ve got plenty of advice for you below. Don’t know what to do first? Follow my straightforward guide and get your community buzzing in no time.

A community garden can bring lots of benefits to your local area. It can be a place for people to learn about and enjoy gardening and nature. A place to relax and enjoy being outdoors. A place where you can grow your own food with no air miles or queues in supermarkets involved.

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How to Make a Butterfly Garden?

One of my favourite things to do is to make special areas in my garden for wildlife. With a little bit of thought about the plants you buy, you can make your garden attractive not just for you to enjoy but for wildlife too. In this article, I’ll talk about how to make a butterfly garden. I’ve got three different ways to do this, so don’t worry if you haven’t got loads of space.

StrikiIf you are lucky enough to have a garden, you could plant a butterfly border. Or, how about a butterfly pot on the patio? If you just have space on windowsills or a balcony I’ve got that covered too, with advice on how to plant up a butterfly windowbox.

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What Is a Botanical Garden?

A botanical garden is a place where plants are grown, studied, labelled and displayed for everyone to enjoy. They are also often places where rare plants are protected and nurtured. They are oases of calm and beauty, enjoyment and enthrallment, both for people who know about plants and those who don’t.

Botanical gardens have lots to offer. You can be surrounded by nature and find a place to relax in a botanic garden. You might be interested in learning more about plants from around the world. Some people visit botanical gardens to get ideas for their gardens. Modern botanic gardens also make a great place for a family trip.

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How to Get Rid of a Lawn Full of Weeds?

Are the weeds on your lawn driving you crazy? If you are tempted to reach for the weedkiller, take a look at my 3 top tips below first.

I’ve found that one of the best ways you can stop weeds coming up on your lawn is to make your grass stronger. Follow my advice below. I also cover how to dig weeds out successfully, sowing new grass seed and talk about how your lawn can help local wildlife.

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How to Plant Grass Seed on an Existing Lawn?

If your lawn is looking a little tired or drought-damaged, you might want to sow some new grass seed into it. This guide will show you how to plant grass seed on your existing lawn in 8 simple steps. In this article, I’ll also cover the best times to grow grass seed, how often to water, and what to do if your grass seed just won’t grow.

Get your lawn looking green and lush again with my straightforward advice.

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What Do Garden Lizards Eat?

Have you got lizards in your garden? If you have, you’re lucky! These reptiles are a gardener’s friend, eating slugs and snails that would otherwise attack your plants. They also attract other wildlife into the garden, creatures such as frogs and toads that help to keep pests under control. Find out what lizards eat and how to encourage them onto your patch.

How Many Different UK Lizards Do We Have?

We only have six native reptile species in the UK. Three of these are lizards: the sand lizard, the common lizard and the slow worm. Yes, the slow worm is a lizard!

You aren’t likely to see the sand lizard in your garden as it’s very rare, but you may have common lizards. If you live close to moors, heath, the edges of woods or places that are undisturbed like railway banks or derelict areas, the chances are that common lizards aren’t far away. But the reptile you are most likely to see in your garden is the slow worm.

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How to Invite Birds to Your Garden?

Birds are a wonderful addition to your garden. They bring colour, variety and birdsong to your patch. They also offer a free pest control service, eating many different insects that damage young plants.

How Do You Stop Insects from Eating Your Fruit and Vegetables?

Seeing plants get eaten by creepy crawlies can be frustrating. It’s tempting to reach for whatever will stamp them out. The problem is that many insecticides can kill off useful wildlife too – creatures that could help you to keep insect pests under control.

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