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How to Attract Birds in Your Garden

Birds excite everyone, and it’s the most beautiful creature on the earth. With their form, colours and musical calls, no one will fail to get inspired to attract them in the backyard. Birds are the masters of experimenting with new surroundings and conditions. So let us look at how you make the birds comfortable in your garden. There are many queries that I have found recently on attracting the birds to the backyard, so I have listed some of the suggestions I found out through my research.

What UK birds looking for?

It is an obvious fact that birds prefer the same place to stay throughout the year. Therefore, it is essential to make them feel comfortable, so that they could use this space with minimum disturbance during the season.

Are you willing to help the bird nest? When it comes to the nature, it would be better to take your birdcages in a safe environment, so that the birds could escape from the clutches of other birds and take shelter there. Sometimes it might happen that the chicks will get frightened by the presence of other birds and move out of the nest. To avoid it, try to set up some low beds or enclosures to hide the nests of birds in your garden. Birds usually will not cause any harm, but do not let your children play around there. You could place low cages inside of your cage to attract the birds to the location.

How do I attract the birds?

One of the ways to attract birds is by laying out a variety of offerings such as wood chips, seed cakes, and their favourite food, fruit. Birds tend to prefer to eat them in your backyard. Many people make a board out of wood and arrange the fruits on it. This might sound good to the birds and some might start coming to your backyard to see.

Crazy as it sounds, but you can take some fruit such as apples or bananas and put a bowl of water in the middle of the plate. Birds normally have a tendency to pick out this fruit from the bowl, so they can easily get stuck in the net. This is the most effective method of attracting the birds to your backyard. However, this might not work well in the summer season. In the winter season, the birds would find an easier and more attractive way to get their meal. You can hang some cardboard or soft material like old rags for the birds to rest and take shelter.

Tips to get the birds to your backyard

Let us look at some of the effective tips that you can apply to attract the birds to your backyard. It is an experience of a lifetime to see the beautiful sight of a flock of birds coming to your backyard. One can easily attract birds to the backyard by providing a clean and tidy environment with the help of these very few tips. You can also develop a bird-friendly garden on your balcony, in your window sills, or a single container if you want. To create a bird garden, you can use the available space walls and railings grills. Place some plants that favour the birds to come into your garden.

Install A Birdhouse

You can install a birdhouse in your garden if you want to encourage small birds for nesting. The enclosure will provide them with a comfortable shelter. Small birds require shelter and for breeding and so you can place many beautiful birdhouses alongside hedges, dense shrubs, creepers and thorny plants, tall grasses and nesting sites. We recommend:

Window Bird House Feeder with Magnetic Sliding Seed Tray, an Outdoor bird feeder

LGO Rating: 9.5

It is a bird feeder that you can install in your garden area, near your birdhouse. It is designed with a transparent, clear and acrylic bird feeder, making bird watching fun and comfortable from your house. It has a magnetic removable seed tray with 128 drainage holes. You can easily refill and clean up the birdfeeder. It holds up two cups of bird seeds, enough to feed the birds in your garden area. You can easily install this bird feeder and place it near your birdhouse.

Grow more local plants for local birds:

To attract more birds to your garden, you can grow local trees and shrubs. Focus is the keystone plant that can bring out the local birds in your backyard.

You can add light soils that include annual poppies and marigolds to make your garden area bird-friendly and beautiful. If you have a small space to attract birds, you can squeeze some shrubs to create a dense and leafy zone. There are some other plants, and they are:

  • Ivy plant: common wild ivy plant is the best for attracting birds. It is the most wildlife-friendly plant that needs managing. Ivy plants provide a dense cover and winter berries alongside nectar. It is great for dark corners and shady walls.
  • Cotoneaster plant: It is a nectar-rich plant with red berries. These plants are hardy and mostly drought-resistant, and they can be grown anywhere. It has 200 species, from the ground to cover small trees. Plant small-leaved varieties of cotoneaster will be the best for the birds as it thrives in any soil.
  • Thistles: Thistles have dramatic seed heads; small birds love these kinds of plants. You can grow them near your birdhouse or your backyard.

Look for basic needs of birds:

Birds come in search of water, food and shelter. If you want to attract the birds into your backyard, you can place shelter homes or ponds in your garden. Birds need water for nourishments and bathing, so placing up a pond in your garden will help attract more birds. You can create patches for birds and edge the ponds with rocks. To give some energy to the birds, you can mix up sugar and salt with water and leave them up in the pond. You can look up ponds in the Amazon to get an affordable price. We recommend:

Cloner Solar Fountain, 3W Solar Fountain for Bird Bath, designed with nine nozzles, fountain pump for bird bath

LGO Rating: 9.5

Cloner solar powered pond fountain is designed with a powerful 3W solar panel. With the floating solar fountain, you can convert to solar energy and work better. It is designed at 6.3 inches, equipped with high-tech monocrystalline silicon solar panels. Therefore, it can work for a longer period without breaking down. The water flow is 240L/h with a maximum height of 39.4 in (100cm), bringing out the freshness and purified air to your garden pool. This will attract more birds to your backyard. You will only need to put the solar fountain in enough water while the bright sunlight shines directly on the solar panel; the fountain will automatically start in 3 seconds. It is also to clean up, and you can remove the pump for cleaning to ensure excellent spraying effects. It has nine different nozzles that include four black nozzles and five petal-shaped colour nozzles, giving a benefit for you to adjust as per your need.

Provide organic food to attract birds:

Birds are always in search of food, and if you provide them with bird food having high energy and taste, it will easily attract birds in your garden area. You can look for

Peckish 60051237 Natural balance energy suet fat balls, best bird food

It contains energy suet balls enriched with sunflower seeds to attract more birds to your garden. You can place this bird food in the feeder or in the backyard to attract birds like a blackbird, robin, house sparrow, long-tailed tit, chaffinch, blue tit and great tit. It is the most suitable bird feeder to be fed to birds all year round.

These are some of the suggestions that you can try to attract birds to your garden. Of course, you can also look for some other alternatives. Here, I have listed some products from Amazon with round reviews to let you choose the best option for your garden to attract the birds.

JEE Traditional Wooden Bird Tables, Feeding Station with freestanding house perch bracket stand and tray

LGO Rating: 9.3

It is a strong natural wood with a large sheltered feeding area. It is ideal for attracting birds in your garden, and you can easily move this stand to another place. This birdhouse is water-resistant, and you can attract birds with food and shelter. The tall freestanding design will attract wild birds to the garden and become a hub of activity.

Urban Deco Balcony Bird Feeder and Bath, Deck Bird Feeder Metal Mesh Tray for Clamp to fence railing

LGO Rating: 9.3

Urban Deco Deck Bird feeders are designed with heavy-duck thick steel with durable bronze powder coated to prevent rust and maintain long term durability. Designed with rustproof clamp with a turn screw for secure mounting. It is easy to clean and refill. Purchasing this will be a benefit as it can be used for bird feeding and birds bathing and for holding the flower pot. You only need to put the trays down and place beautiful flower pots on them.

It is easy to fill and clean as the removable tray makes it easy to quickly and easily clean and discard the remains and old seeds. In addition, it is easy to install it in the garden area.

Urban Deco Bird feeding station kit, feeder hanging kit planter, metal suet feeder for bird bath

LGO Rating: 9.3

Bird Feeding station kit is designed with hooks and trays. The feeder comes with two large top-level hooks ideal for hanging longer and larger feeders. This bird feeder can be adjustable anywhere on the pole, and it is effective for hanging smaller feeders and attracting hummingbirds, robins, sparrows, woodpeckers and starlings.

It is rust-resistant and stands 91 inches tall and 22 inches wide. You can easily adjust to any desired location you want. It has a mesh tray and water bowl to detach for easy cleaning. Wild birds mostly get attracted to the multi-hook bird feeder and water station. The rustic and vintage look of the bird feeder station helps enhance your garden landscape and backyard. Taking care and feeding up the wild birds is a selfless act that brings immense joy, and this bird station will be the ideal gift for your loved ones.

Eco-friendly bird feeder with wild seed mix, recycled plastic hanging feeders for garden bird

 It is a bird feeder made with fully recycled material, caring for the environment feeding the wildlife. The bird feeder comes ready filled with wild bird seeds. The mixture attracts birds such as Jays, Robins, Sparrows, Tits and many other wild birds. It is lightweight with two folding perches and has a classic design made extremely practical for the birds and easy for you to refill.

SA Products Acorn Bird Feeder, Heavy-Duty Squirrel-Proof Metal Mesh Nut

LGO Rating: 9.2

Attract flocks of birds to your property with this uniquely shaped feeding station. Measuring at 14 x 14 x 22.2 cm, it can hold a great number of seeds and nuts. The feeding station showcases an intricate acorn design. It’s guaranteed to gracefully match your patio, front yard, and even your existing garden landscape. This hanging bird feeder couldn’t be more convenient to replenish.

GGHKDD Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Hanging Bird Food Container with Waterproof for Outdoor Pet Supplies Garden Decoration

LGO Rating: 9.2

The gazebo-style bird feeder is made of heavy-duty plastic and can be possessed for a long time. Attract birds to find food, let birds inhabit and enjoy seed food. You can hang the feeder with cover on the hook in the backyard, garden, deck, balcony, window, lawn, schoolhouse or front porch. You will get a clear perspective and enjoy hours of continuous and pleasant entertainment. This hanging outside birdfeeder has a steel wire metal handle so you can hang the feeder securely wherever it can be supported. The finch bird feeder features an inclined roof to shade birds from the sun and rain with its gazebo shape.

Tray-type feed inlets and hexagon habitats allow birds to eat from all angles. When the wild bird seeds are eaten, more seeds will fill the tray. It can be filled with all varieties of seeds, such as mixed seed, peanut chunks, black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds and cracked corn to attract cardinals, tits, goldfinches, red finches, house finches, small birds, blue jay, warblers. The birdseed feeder is equipped with a twist-lock cover to keep the lid safely closed, and the seeds are fresh and dry inside. The clear bird feeder makes it easy to monitor your seed levels at all times.

Tub of Wild Bird Mix, Suet Fat Balls Food for Hanging Bird Feeders Bird Tables and Ground Feeding with Plastic Scoop

LGO Rating: 9.1

All of the feed is formulated to give your birds a balanced diet throughout all the seasons, whether during their nesting period through the colder winter months. You can feed the birds and attract them towards your garden. This is the best quality bird food for feeding up the birds.

I hope you found these reviews effective for attracting birds to your garden. This article recommends you shop from Amazon as I found the best quality products at an affordable price. Amazon also has more excellent sales service and excellent customer care, and if you need more details, you can look at our social media page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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