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Best Lawn Weed Killers

Weeds are undesirable plants that grow in your lawn grass or garden. They cause several issues in your lawn and may restrict the growth of pretty plants. If left unchecked, they compete with our desired plants for space, nutrients, moisture, and soil.

Weeds also cause hurdles in the movement of lawn machinery used for cultural practices. They become hosting media for different pests and diseases. Therefore, it is vital to use the right weed killer to control them.

When to Control Weeds

We can control weeds by using preventive measures at their earliest growth stage. They usually start sprouting during the spring and summer months. If they get established, you should consider using an effective weed killer to maintain and sustain your lawn’s beauty.

Types of Weeds

Weeds fall into two main categories: annuals and perennials. 

Annual Weeds

Annual weeds are the ones that sprout every year and complete their life cycle in one year and die. Some commonly occurring annual lawn weeds are crabgrass, black medic, goosegrass, foxtail, annual bluegrass, prostrate knotweed, dog fennel, prostrate spurge, barnyard grass, common chickweed, purslane, corn speedwell, and henbit. 

Perennial Weeds

Perennial weeds are those that grow year after year and produce their seeds, but they don’t die when the season ends like annual weeds. Examples of perennial lawn weeds include dandelion, orchard grass, creeping speedwell, quack grass, nimblewill, wild violets, yellow nutsedge, wild garlic, yellow woodsorrel, plantain, cinquefoil, ground ivy, white clover, and hawkweed.

If you can’t identify the exact names of your lawn weeds, then at least try to notice whether the same weeds are sprouting year after year or new ones are growing from seed. It will give you an idea to select the right type of weed killers for your lawn. 

This article provides the exact information you need about the characteristics and working of some important weed killers, which are as follows:

Weedol Lawn Weed Killer

  1. It’s a selective lawn weed killer (kills all broadleaf weeds).
  2. Works best for killing clover, dandelions, and daisies.
  3. Also, it controls some small leaf weeds like black medick and lesser trefoil.
  4. It doesn’t harm your lawn grass.
  5. It doesn’t contain glyphosate.
  6. It is a microemulsion formulation (ME).
  7. Active ingredients include MCPA, Fluroxypyr, and Clopyralid.
  8. It requires water for dilution.
  9. You don’t need any special application equipment for it.
  10. You can use a simple garden pressure sprayer or watering can for its application.
  11. You can apply it from April to September (during the weed growing season).
  12. One pack covers an area of 277 m2 (2981.6 ft2) approximately.
  13. You can do your usual activities on the lawn once it dries.

Roundup Weed Killer (No glyphosate)

  1. It is an expert solution for your lawn weeds control.
  2. It is free from glyphosate.
  3. Ready-to-use weed killer.
  4. It kills the weeds from the roots.
  5. It tackles tough and deep-rooted weeds.
  6. Visible results in 1-2 days.
  7. Easy application.
  8. A single application can kill most garden weeds when using a 5 L option (spraying for 10 min).
  9. Let it dry before starting your usual activities on the lawn.
  10. Micro-organisms degrade it in the soil.
  11. It leaves no harmful residues.
  12. It is most effective against the dandelion, daisy, and white clover weeds.

  Nuedorff Weed Killer

  1. It is an organic fast-acting weed killer.
  2. Visible results within an hour.
  3. Provide adequate control against rough and tough annual and perennial weeds, algae, and moss. 
  4. It is a ready-to-use weedicide (750 ml spray bottle).
  5. Fast visible results.
  6. Long-lasting effects.
  7. It is an organic weed killer and is 100 percent biodegradable.
  8. No glyphosate 
  9. Active ingredients include maleic hydrazide and pelargonic acid.
  10. It is a quick and effective method to control weeds.
  11. Less toxic to your garden honey bees and ladybirds.
  12. Apply it in early spring-late autumn.
  13. Also, works at low temperature.
  14. Store in a dry and cool place.

Elixir Complete Lawn, Feed Weed, and Moss Killer

  1. Elixir complete lawn is highly tough on weeds.
  2. It is the highest quality product for your lawns and gardens.
  3. It’s a granular formulation that contains a mixture of 4 best weed killers.
  4. Active ingredients are iron sulphate, dicamba, 2, 4 -D, and mecoprop.
  5. It controls the broad leaves weed species and moss present in your lawn.
  6. It also turns your lawn green because of the added fertilizers.
  7. One 20 kg  (2.2 lb) bag of Elixir complete lawn will cover an area of 625 m2 (6727 ft2).
  8. Simply spread it by hand or a spreader.
  9. Do wear your protective gloves if you are spreading it by hand.
  10. Do not use it on windy days.
  11. Avoid walking on treated areas until the soil absorbs the product after watering.
  12. If spilled on paving, clean it immediately to avoid discoloration.
  13. It is effective against daisy, dandelion, creeping buttercup, cinquefoil, mouse-ear chickweed, greater plantain, lesser trefoil, thyme leaved speedwell, ribwort plantain, white clover, selfheal, bird’s-foot trefoil, and many more.
  14. Perennial weeds may require repeated applications when new growths appear.

MiracleGro Evergreen Complete 4 in 1

  1. It provides a balanced feed to your lawn.
  2. Kill weeds and moss within 4 to 5 weeks.
  3. Works best against dandelions, plantains, white clover, and daisies.
  4. It is fertilizer enriched, which makes your lawn lush and green in 1 week by making roots stronger
  5. It also protects your lawn against environmental stresses (heat and drought).
  6. Provide a thicker and shiny lawn.
  7. Provide coverage to the 80 m2 (861ft2) area.
  8. Available in granular form.
  9. Apply it with your hand or use an easy spreader.
  10. Apply to lawns from April to September when the grass is dry and frost-free.

RHS Natural Weed Killer

  1. It is an effective, ready-to-use weed killer.
  2. RHS is a non-selective herbicide; you can use it on patio, paths, and gravels.
  3. Control the annual and perennial weeds.
  4. Gives best results against small weeds less than 4 inches  (10 cm) in height.
  5. Burns unwanted weeds and moss effectively.
  6. Simply spray on the weed.
  7. It leaves no residual effects in the treated areas and ground.
  8. The formulation contains acetic acid and natural ingredients.
  9. It provides visible results within a day of application.
  10. It is biodegradable.
  11. Children and pets can visit the treated parts when it gets dried.
  12. Maximum 6 applications per year are advisable.
  13. It doesn’t contain glyphosate.
  14. A 1-liter bottle provides coverage to 35m2 (377 ft2).
  15. Twenty-five liters of packing provides coverage to an area of 175m2 (1884 ft2).

Westland Resolva Lawn Weed Killer

  1. It kills weeds, not your lawn.
  2. Contains mecoprop-P and dicamba.
  3. Effectively target broad leaves weeds that include dandelion, plantain, clover, daisy, yarrow, selfheal, buttercup, and broad-leaved docks.
  4. Cover all the weed leaves with spray.
  5. Do not use it in rainy conditions.
  6. Spray on a wind-free day to avoid its drifting.
  7. You can apply it by using a simple garden watering can or sprayer.
  8. Two applications per year are advisable.
  9. Apply it from April to September on actively growing lawn weeds.
  10. You may need re-treatment to kill the well-established weeds completely.
  11. You can use your lawn after the chemical dries.
  12. It treats an area of 40 m2 (431 ft2).
  13. A measuring cup comes with it.
  14. It is available in the size of 1 L (approximately).

Richard Jackson’s Double Action Weed Killer

  1. It is a rapid contact and biodegradable weed killer.
  2. Penetrates deep in roots of weeds and kills them off.
  3. You can observe visible results in one day.
  4. It is made with natural ingredients, i.e., geranium leaves, which work remarkably well.
  5. Totally glyphosate free formulation.
  6. It can save you time. 
  7. It controls a wide range of growing perennial weeds in your lawn, i.e., ground elder, dandelions, bindweed, and couch grass, etc.
  8. After dilution, it can treat an area of 60 m2 (646ft2) approximately.
  9. Do read and follow label instructions before using it.

Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer RTU 750ml

  1. It is a tough weed killer.
  2. SBK contains Triclopyr.
  3. It is a household brand for the best control of nettles, brambles, dock, woody weeds, thistles, and unwanted saplings.
  4. It can also kill tree stumps.
  5. SBK only kills weeds, not your lawn grass, so that it can be used safely.
  6. It is also ideal for treating neglected areas.
  7. To kill weeds and hardwood saplings, apply it from May to October.
  8. For tree stumps, apply it during Autumn to Winter.
  9. Follow the instructions given on the pack.
  10. Keep at least a six-week gap between applications and replanting.

3 x Weed Killer 500ml Lawn Insect Control Fast Action

  1. It is a home garden weed killer.
  2. It contains glyphosate to control annual and perennial weeds growing in your lawn.
  3. You can also use it on unwanted vegetation.
  4. When it contacts soil, it becomes inactivated.
  5. Soil bacteria break it down completely and leave no soil residues.
  6. Do follow all safety instructions given on the label.
  7. After using these chemicals, wash your hands and exposed skin thoroughly.

Steel Weed Puller/ Garden Hand Tool Weeder

  1. The Steel Weed Puller is the perfect solution for your lawn weeds management.
  2. It pulls weeds from your lawn effortlessly.
  3. While using it, you don’t need to bend down or kneel.
  4. It keeps your back and legs straight and pain-free.
  5. Its stainless steel claws grab the weed from the root in multiple directions and pull it out of the lawn. 
  6. It eliminates your lawn weeds without any harsh chemicals.
  7. It is a time-saving solution.
  8. The aluminum tube is sturdy and easy to handle.
  9. The ergonomic design of the plastic handle provides a secure grip at work.
  10. It is environmentally friendly.
  11. Its dimensions are 39 x 8 x 1.8 inches (100 x 21 x 4.5 cm) approximately.

Equipment Calibration and Proper Application

In urban areas, herbicides are often overused, because neither the actual required amount is correctly calculated nor the calibration of the application equipment is done. Over-application can burn the grass and could cause significant damage to your lawn. So always follow label instructions before applying weedicides.

Do not use any unregistered weed killer. Before using, make sure your application equipment is in good working condition and properly calibrated. Do not mix or apply more than the amount needed. Application of any weed killer should be avoided during rainy and windy conditions because the wind will cause drift of the chemical away from the targeted weeds, which can damage the surrounding plants.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs)

Before dealing with any herbicides/weedicide, make sure you have all the personal protective equipment you may need during its usage and wear them properly during their applications. PPEs include gloves, masks, overalls, protective glasses, and boots.

Cleaning of Equipment and Place

Use the weedicides with great care. If it gets spilled accidentally on the sidewalk or street, clean it up immediately. After application, clean your spraying equipment properly and don’t empty residues onto the bare ground or in drains because that can contaminate your soil and water.


  1. First of all, you must identify which types of weeds are growing in your lawn; it will help you select the right weed killer.
  2. Each weedicide can kill a specific type of weed; you’ll need to find the right kind of weed killer for your lawn weeds to remove them effectively and thoroughly.
  3. Before using any weed killer, carefully read and follow all label directions.
  4. Make sure you are wearing all personal protective equipment when dealing with herbicides.
  5. Don’t use chemical weed killers during rainy and windy days.
  6. Avoid using your lawn for at least one day after weedicide application.

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