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How to Stop Cats Pooping in the Garden

I have been looking for many solutions to stop the cats from pooping in my garden. I have often seen my gardener f

Every cat owner in the developed world faces a struggle: cleaning up after their cats. I have been looking for many solutions to stop the cats from pooping in my garden.

I have been particularly frustrated that many of the solutions available online don’t work on my cat.
However, I think I have found a solution that may work for others. I spoke to all my friends who owns a cat and made a list of best solutions to stop the cat pooping in the garden. I was happy that most of them told me about their own solution.

For my review round, I found some solutions that I am sharing here now. I hope you find the reviews helpful for your problem too.

Using Odour Repellent

Odour repellent is found to be the best way to keep the cats away from fouling the garden grounds. It helps stop the cats from leaving deposits on your lawn by scattering scents they do not like. Cats are sensitive to the smell of solid scents like lavender, peppermint or cinnamon, which can help them keep away from pooping in the garden. These scents are readily available in the markets, which we only need to mix it up with the water and spray around the garden. I have used this trick, and it worked for a short period of the term. But, if we look at this, it is cost-effective and non-toxic.

We recommend KinderPet Cat Repellent Anti Fouling Spray 500ML, Citrus scent, prevents fouling and digging.

KinderPet Cat Repellent can be used to stop the fouling, digging and scratching of cats. There are times when cats not only poop but also digs up the soil, making a significant loss. With this cat repellent, you will benefit from keeping them away from your garden area from doing all. It has a 100% natural bitter formula making it safe and kinder to pets. This product is free from chemicals, additives, paraben-free and cruelty-free. You can use this without any worries, and it is harmless to the earth and the pets. The smell is of natural citrus and acidic, making the cat detect it from far away. It adds a bonus point as it is safe to use outdoors and indoors. 

Citrus Peels

It is the natural and simple solution I have tried to deter the cats from outdoor space. You can finely chop citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges, and you can place them around the garden. It works the same as odour repellent as cats do not like a strong citrus scent. I have made my solution by squeezing the fruits into the water and spraying it around the garden.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler

I also found this tip works. Besides, it is more expensive than the first two methods, but it is incredibly effective. Cats do not like to get wet, so installing a motion-activated sprinkler helps get rid of the pooping of cats. The motion-activated sprinkler works every time it detects the movement and heat of an animal. Every time there is a cat in the garden, the sprinkler will release a sudden burst of water along with a startling noise, and this will scare the cats away. It is effective, and you can find this product on the Amazon site, which you can get at an affordable price. I will put some of the products which I found compelling down the list.

Setting up sound motor detectors is the same as using a water sprinkler. Still, the only difference is that the device has ultrasonic cat deterrents that emit a very high frequency while detecting movement. If you are worried about the sounds troubling your ears, too, then you need to worry as the sounds are very off-putting to cats only. It is hardly heard at all by humans. This device only covers a small area in the garden, so it is easy to place it in your garden. To my suggest the best place to put the sound motor detectors at the entry points of your garden.

We recommend following motion activated sprinkles to deter cats in the garden.

Cat Repellent Garden, BeauFlw Ultrasonic Fox Repellent, best tri-face solar powered and USB Waterproof

I found a cat repellent on Amazon, which is designed with a PIR sensor and flashing LED lights. It also has an automatic emit an ultrasonic frequency of 15-50KHz, with a LED indicator lighting up benefits from keeping the cats away from the garden ground. The plus point is the ultrasonic animal repeller helps to standby to keep energy consumption down. The cat repellant is designed with an updated solar panel and a built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, which you can charge in the sun or USB to ensure continuous operation day and night. You can easily install it and set it up in your entry points. Setting this up helps in keeping away the cats from pooping the grounds. With its waterproof feature, I can easily set up outdoors without any worries of weather change.

Garden Cat Repellent, Ultrasonic featuring Motion Sensor and flashing lights, Solar Powered and USB powered (Waterproof)

It is a multi-frequency and sensitivity mode cat repellent with five different sensitivity modes, easy to set. You can keep your pets out of your garden because of its fully adjustable sensitivity and frequency. There are two charging options available: an add on, and it features a solar panel on top of the device recharging the batteries. You can choose this cat repellent for your garden as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides, and it is also safe for humans and pets. With the ultrasonic sound, you will only get rid of the unwanted pests away from your garden. It is fully waterproof, which makes it more beneficial to place it outdoors. You can easily set up this repellent in your garden area or hang it on objects in your garden.

Covering the garden with twigs or Use Mat

Things can be a helpful method in keeping away the cats from pooping in your garden. Cats do not like prickly ground underfoot, and placing twigs, or rough leaves on flower beds will help keep them away. This might change the look of your garden, but it is a simple solution that you can try to keep at bay.

You can also use prickle mat if possible.

Plai 6 x Flat Prickle Strip Dig Stopper, quality cat repellent mat, digging deterrent with 12 Garden staples and 30 Twist tie

It is a humane repellent solution to keep cats from digging up the ground. It also deters cats along with birds, crows, seagulls, dogs, squirrels. You can put this anywhere in your house as it keeps away the pests from the garden flowers, stops pets from scratching doors and more. In addition, it is weather-resistant, giving you the benefit to place it outdoors.  

Set up a scarecrow water spray deterrent

You can also startle the animal away from the area. Scarecrow spray deterrent is the motion-activated deterrent spraying water to startle the animals away from the area. It is best for the areas where the cats regularly choose to foul the spots. Setting up the detector and sprinkler keeps the cat from entering the area as the water gets sprayed.

These are some tips and tricks that I tried to keep the cats from pooping in my garden. I also searched at some of the online products on Amazon to keep the cats from pooping in my garden, and I found these products helping a lot. Below I have listed some of the products you can look upon and choose according to your need.

Defenders STV415 Jet-Spray Pond and Garden Protector

I found a jet spray on Amazon containing a motion (PIR) sensor that is effective for the cats and wildlife deterrent. It has an adjustable coverage making it easy to place, move up or down depending upon the area you like to cover. With the motion sensor, you can adapt to extend the range up to 10m.

It is versatile in ponds or gardens, lawns, flowerbeds, and hen runs to protect against the herons, cats, foxes, etc. Most repellent comes without a battery, but this one comes battery-powered.

Popular Alternatives

Defenders Cat and Dog Scatter Granules 450g, complete protection for garden area

If you are tired of the pets from digging, scratching up your ground, and fouling outdoors, this is the best granules for your garden area. You need to worry about the quality as it is a biodegradable deterrent coated with an effective natural active ingredient going with the environment. You can use these granules without much worry. It also has an easy-use shaker for the effortless distribution of cat deterrent granules in your gardens. You can use this in your patios, lawns, flower beds and seedbeds.

Get Off Cat Repellent with crystal jelly – 460g

Cats are far away from odour, and getting off cat repellent releases a pungent odour confusing the cats with their sense of smell. You need to spread it in the areas like patios, sidewalks, outdoor garden areas and rest it works in all weather conditions. It benefits you to keep away the cats from that place where they mark as their pooping area. You can use this in your lawns and flower beds.

Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent, Ultrasonic with ground stake.

It comes with fully adjustable sensitivity and frequency to keep your cats and other unwanted pests away from your garden areas. It comes with an infrared PIR motion sensor helping to detect the movement and body head upto 7m away, activating the repellent to emit a high-frequency sound. This irritates the cat and keeps them away. You can easily fit this repellent directly in your wall or in your fence. If you find this cat repellent ineffective to you, you can return this within 45 days for a full refund.

BeauFlw Cat Repellent Deterrents for Garden (Waterproof), Ultrasonic animal repeller cat scarcer outdoor PIR sensor motion activated

It is reviewed as the latest product equipped with three bionic tones, flashing lights and ultrasound to scare away wild animals. It makes the animals feel uncomfortable and leaves the area of your garden protected. It comes with two modes, one with the sound mode and the other is the silent mode (night mode). This features benefits to keep both in daylight and at night. The ultrasound is harmless to humans. The feature of led flash helps drive away from the cats at night and the wild animals. You can easily place it in yards, patios, driveways, garages, lofts, porches, boats, gardens, farms, etc.

2 x Doff 700g Super Cat Repellent, quality shaker bottle

You can use this cat repellent around the garden in planted areas to deter cats from fouling. It comes in a shaker bottle which you can use to put in your lawns, flowerbeds, etc. It benefits from stopping the cats pooping in your garden for the odour. It is chemical-free and non-toxic, making it safe to use. The bonus point is that you can use it around childrens and pets as it is suitable for the environment.

I hope this review helped you break up your confusion while choosing the best option to keep cats from pooping in your garden. This article recommends you shop from Amazon as I found the best quality products at an affordable price. Amazon also has more excellent sales service and excellent customer care, and if you need more details, you can look at our social media page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Amit Kumar